Debates Unit 2 – Additional Sources

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October 4, 2013 by mrcaseyhistory

booksThese are some more sources I found for you guys. Don’t get used to this. I’m just doing it to get you started. These are mostly the same documents that you saw in class on Friday, with maybe one or two extra. Make sure to use your weekend wisely and prepare thoroughly for next week!

Was the Neolithic Revolution a positive change for humanity?

Was geography the most significant influence in the development of early civilizations?

Were Hammurabi’s laws just and fair?

Should Ancient Egypt be admired today?

Are secondary texts better sources of history than primary texts?
I recommend you also look at the primary source list I provided in the last post and compare how primary sources address history and compare that with how textbooks (you can use yours or the two I posted online) address history.

Were the Han more effective rulers than the Qin?

Click to access debate_salt_iron.pdf

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