DBQ Essay – Conquerors: Mongols and Ottomans

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December 9, 2013 by mrcaseyhistory

mongol01This wee you will begin your first DBQ Essay. Today we introduced the essay and how it is different from the Thematic Essay. Tomorrow, after your IA #2, you will work on completing the DBQ Questions, and finish for homework. On Wednesday, you will bring your completed documents, as well as all class materials (homework/classwork) related to the Ottomans or Mongols. In class, we will go over the documents, and then you will compile outside information from your textbook and class materials to use along with the documents in your essay. We will even begin outlining the essays in class. On Wednesday night, you will continue to prepare, and the essay will be written on Thursday in class. You will not have to finish on Thursday in class. Below are the resources I gave you in class.

Conquerers Ottomans Spanish Mongols (NOTE: You do not have to do the documents related to the Spanish. Those were cut out of the printed version)
DBQ Guidelines- Conquerors
Regents DBQ Rubric

The textbook, as well as the following sources, will be helpful in collecting outside information…

The Ottoman Empire
Suleiman History Maker
Mongols in the Muslim World


Essay Structure

  • Introduction
  • Mongols: 3 Body Paragraphs
    Why did they conquer?
    How were they able to conquer?
    What impact did they have?
  • Ottomans: 3 Body Paragraphs
    Why did they conquer?
    How were they able to conquer?
    What impact did they have?
  • Conclusion


Citing Documents Example

…According to “From Genghis to Kublai” by Duane Damon, “Organization was the key to success of the great Mongol armies.” Soldiers were given daily drills and every member of the army knew his role. (Document 2) Due to this training…

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