Rewind: All Unit 1 & 2 Materials for Debate & Test Prep

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October 11, 2014 by mrcaseyhistory


Since you are preparing for debates now, and soon you will have a unit test and an interim assessment, you will need to go back to review and reexamine what we have already done in class. While you should already have all past class materials (glassworks and homeworks) in your binders, you may have misplaced some and need them again, or it may just be nice to have them all in one place. So to save you time, I have listed links to all the materials we have used in these past two units below.

In terms of the textbooks, we have covered Chapters 1-3.


Unit 1: Exploring Global History

Global History I Syllabus
Intro World Map Prompt
Open Syllabus Quiz
Big Geography Map
Geographic Literacy News Article
Geographic Literacy Questions
Five Maps of Africa
Maps of Africa Questions
Geographic Landforms

Humans and the Environment
Social Scientists
Archeologist Historian Training

Reconstructing History Guided Notes

Herodotus & Thucydides- Fathers of History

Prehistoric People

Do hunter-gatherers have it right?

Neolithic Revolution Comic Strip

Neolithic Revolution Guided Notes
Neolithic Revolution Questioning
Dawn of Civilization Guided Notes

Be A Scribe Papyrus Lansing

Papyrus Lansing Editorial Response


Unit 2: Exploring Global History

Cradle of Civilization
Mesopotamia Questioning Notes

Law and Order Code of Hammurabi

Phoenician Alphabet
Phoenician Colonies
Phoenician Trade
Phoenicians Questions
The Kingdom on the Nile

Egypt Summary Readings
Changing Egypt Questions

Egyptian Beliefs
Egyptian Defense
Egyptian Gods
Egyptian Writing
Egypt Exhibit Images
The Assyrians Iron Men

Southwest Asian Empires Guided Notes
The Persian Empire Reading

The Israelites and the Roots of Judaism Guided Notes

Code of Hammurabi VS Law of the Torah

Roots of Judaism Reading
Roots of Judaism Questions
Indus Valley Civilization Reading

Indus Valley Civilization Questions
Post-Indus Vedic India Guided Notes and Caste DBQ
Indus Valley and the Aryans Guided Notes ALT and Caste DBQ
Dharmic Religions Guided Notes
Dharmic Religions Notes ALT
Comparing the Bhagavad Gita and the Buddha
Mauryan Empire
Mauryan Empire ALT
Classical India
Rise of Civilization in China
Beliefs and Philosophies of Early China
Beliefs and Philosophies of Early China Questions
Qin Han Summary

Qin and Han DBQ
The Silk Road Reading
The Silk Road Questions
Silk Road Connections
People on the Move
Africa Map Activity

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