Lesson – Early Christianity

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November 10, 2014 by mrcaseyhistory

$0, 10.25 x 8.4 x .5 gift for Nick Gombos wedding *Quaestio: How did the Roman view of Christianity change over time?

PowerPoint: Early Christianity

Early Christianity in the Roman World
Constantine and the Church
Constantine and the Church Questions

Early Christianity in the Roman World ALT
Constantine and the Church ALT

Homework Day 1:
Fall of Rome: Don’t Blame the Barbarians!
Read Chapter 5 Section 5 in the textbook (pages 173-179). Then, write a one-page response to the question, “Should invasions by Barbarians be seen as the main cause for the fall of Rome?” You must argue that, while the barbarian invasions did contribute to the collapse of the empire, there was actually much more going on. Begin by explaining the role that invasions played, and then follow by explaining the other factors. You must use examples from the text and you MUST include ALL blue vocabulary words. One Page Minimum.

Homework Day 2:
Complete Constantine and the Church Questions!

Homework Day 1: Complete the sections on Jesus and Paul on Early Christianity in the Roman World ALT

Homework Day 2: Complete classwork and first page of Constantine and the Church ALT

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