Lesson – Heian and Feudal Japan

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December 12, 2014 by mrcaseyhistory

Japan Battle Reenactment

Quaestio: Was Japan truly feudal during the Tokugawa Shogunate?


Feudal Japan Diagram Sheet
The Four Tiered Class System of Feudal Japan

Debate Unit 4 Class 94
Debate Unit 4 Class 95
Debate Unit 4 Class 96
Debate Unit 4 Class 97
Debate Unit 4 Class 90

  1. Bring in any class material I have given you, such as classwork or homework, that can be used to help you in this debate. You will, of course, have access to the textbook in class. I will also be returning any work that has been handed in and not yet returned.
  2. Bring in AT LEAST ONE outside source, other than the textbook or class materials, that you can use to help you prepare for this debate. You must have it PRINTED, and you must know how to cite it. If you do not have the ability to print from home, you can print from my classroom by emailing it to yourself or bringing it on a flash drive.
  3. After reviewing the relevant class materials and your outside source, come up with three tentative arguments you could use to support your position written on loose leaf.

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