Lesson – The Black Death

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February 27, 2015 by mrcaseyhistory

norway-ratQuaestio: How did the Black Death spread, and how did it change Europe?


Will The Real Pope Please Stand Up
Black Death Investigate History
Black Death Files


Begin your debate research this weekend, going through all the class materials I have provided to you that relate to your topic, as well as searching for additional information online. You are expected to have some printed research with you on Monday, as well as any class materials, so they can be used to research as a group.

Based on your research this weekend, you MUST have, for Monday, three talking point arguments that you will use for the debate, supported thoroughly with evidence, and with a FULLY cited source, written on loose leaf.

Debate Unit 6 Class 97
Debate Unit 6 Class 96
Debate Unit 6 Class 95
Debate Unit 6 Class 94

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