Ancient Egypt – Crash Course World History

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September 30, 2015 by mrcaseyhistory

Another great video from John Green! The questions below are not required, but they will help you benefit more from watching. Enjoy!

  1. What time of year did the Nile flood? Was it regular?
  2. How was the Egyptian view of the afterlife different than the Mesopotamian view? What might have influenced those beliefs?
  3. During which kingdom (old/middle/new) were the pyramids built?
  4. Who was the big important god of the Old Kingdom?
  5. What were the two forms of writing called and what were they used for?
  6. During which kingdom (old/middle/new) did the Nubians take control of Egypt?
  7. Who was the big important god of the Middle Kingdom and where did he come from?
  8. During which kingdom (old/middle/new) did Egypt try to take over other lands and expand the empire?
  9. Who was Akhenaten?
  10. “King Tut lived around the same time that the pyramids were built.” True or false? Explain.

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