Beginning Unit 3: Industrialization and Nationalism

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October 9, 2015 by mrcaseyhistory

Congratulations on completing Unit 2: Era of Revolutions! On Tuesday, we will officially begin Unit 3: Industrialization and Nationalism!

As for the homework…

Student Lesson Plan Template

Work with your group members over the weekend to continue planning your lesson. You are not just coming up with the ideas, but putting them into action. I recommend using the sources below to create your lesson, and you may even use them in your lesson, but you are not limited to these. You must create all materials necessary for the lesson, whether it be PowerPoint slides, readings, or worksheets. Everything should be emailed to me by Monday night in one email from your group. If you have any questions, please email me at

Your Quaestio for the lesson must be: “Why did the Industrial Revolution begin in Britain?”

Beginnings of Industrialization
Industrialization in Manchester, England
Crash Course Industrial Revolution
The Industrial Revolution- Why Britain Got There First

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