Lesson – New Industrial War

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December 14, 2015 by mrcaseyhistory

Cheshire_Regiment_trench_Somme_1916Quaestio: How and why was World War I different from wars of the past?

All Quiet on the Western Front reading
New Industrial War


Answer the following four questions in the form of well-written paragraphs based on your reading of Chapter 26 Section 3 in the textbook (pages 829-833):

1. Describe how World War I became a total war.

2. Explain the effect that years of warfare had on morale.

3. Analyze the causes and effects of American entry into the war.

4. Summarize events that led to the end of the war.

You MUST include ALL of the following vocabulary terms (blue in the reading) in your responses:

total war






Fourteen Points



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