Lesson – Revolution and Nationalism in Mexico

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January 5, 2016 by mrcaseyhistory

dd114-spring2010-class09-26-728 copyQuaestio: Why did Mexico experience instability during the early 20th century?

PowerPoint: Revolution and Nationalism in Mexico

Mexico Political Cartoons

Energy reform in Mexico Giving it both barrels

  1. Define the terms “nationalization” and “privatization.” You can use the Internet. Just make sure it’s accurate.
  2. How did President Peña want to change the oil industry in Mexico? What did he hope to achieve by doing so?
  3. Why are people in Mexico so resistant to changing state ownership of oil? Explain at least two reasons.
  4. What obstacles does Peña face in making this change?
  5. Do you think oil in Mexico should stay nationalized or should they allow private companies to get involved? Support your position with well-reasoned and evidence-based arguments.


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