The Crusades: Pilgrimage or Holy War? – Crash Course World History

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January 15, 2016 by mrcaseyhistory

Hey check it out! It’s a Crash Course video on the Crusades! John Green gives a nice overview of the Crusades and gives some different views on the causes and effects of the Crusades. It’s good for us to remember that History rarely has one right answer. Even expert Historians debate over whether the Crusades were motivated by religious fervor or desire for wealth and land, or whether or not the Crusades had a major impact on the revitalization of trade and culture in Europe. In fact, John challenges both those points in this video, though I personally do not agree with every opinion he puts forward. That doesn’t make him wrong or me wrong, or you wrong if you have an opinion of your own. That’s part of what makes history interesting. Keep the debate going!

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