Lesson – Rise of Hitler and the Nazis

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January 25, 2016 by mrcaseyhistory

Rechts neben ihm im Auto Rudolf Heß. Vor dem Wagen Hermann Göring, Freiherr von Killinger, Fritz Sauckel.Aufnahmedatum: 12.10.1930Aufnahmeort: WeimarSystematik: Geschichte / Deutschland / 20. Jh. / NS-Bewegung / Aufmärsche und Treffen / 1930 / Deutscher Tag in Weimar

Quaestio: How did Hitler come to gain such support and take control of Germany?

PowerPoint: Rise of the Nazis

Hitler and the Rise of Nazism in Germany
Nazi Power Grows
Nazi Power Grows Documents

Homework Day 1:
Read and annotate the condensed version of Mein Kampf (My Struggle) by Adolf Hitler and write a one-page reflection on what you read, just communicating your reactions, any insight it gave you into the Nazi ideology, and making connections to the history.

Homework Day 2:
The Nuremberg Race Laws

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