DBQ Essay: Conquerors – Mongols and Ottomans

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February 12, 2016 by mrcaseyhistory

a5164543b4ae6d61e8cf91845cfe9c6aHere you have EVERYTHING you need to write your DBQ essay. All the materials you have been working on can be found below in case you need another copy.

Also, I didn’t mention this is class, but I created an organizer for the essay to help you keep your writing… well, organized, but what’s really cool is that I posted below a WORD file of the organizer, not a PDF, which means you have the ability to edit the file. In other words, you can plan your essay using the organizer, and then continue developing your writing until it is a complete essay. You can write the whole thing in that WORD file! Cool, right? Ok, maybe just to me, but I hope you at least find it useful. It’s not a requirement, but if you are someone who has had trouble sticking to the task in the past, writing the essay using this organizer could help you maintain order and focus.

As always, if you need any help, feel free to email! pcasey@maspethhighschool.org

Essay Materials:
DBQ Writing Guide – Mongols and Ottomans
Here Come The Mongols
Mongols DBQ Conquerors Organizer
Istanbul Was Constantinople
Ottomans DBQ Conquerors Organizer
DBQ Outline Organizer- Mongols and Ottomans (Word Version! Editable! You can type you essay in the organizer!)
Regents DBQ Rubric
DBQ Essay Writing

Helpful Resources:
Wait For It The Mongols
Crash Course The Mongols Video
Crash Course The Mongols Transcript
The Mongol Empires Notes
Kublai Khan and Marco Polo Biographies
Marco Polo Documents
The Travels of Ser Marco Polo
Textbook Ch 12 Sec 2, Ch 9 Sec 2, Ch 10 Sec 3

Ottoman Conquest of Constantinople Notes
Sultan Suleyman Biography
Textbook Ch 10 Sec 5

If you have any questions about writing the essay that cannot be answered with the resources above, email me at pcasey@maspethhighschool.org.

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