Lesson – The Travels of Ibn Battuta

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March 7, 2017 by mrcaseyhistory

Quaestio: Are the travel accounts of Ibn Battuta a valuable source of information for historians?

Ibn Battuta Longest Hajj Questions
Ibn Battuta Longest Hajj Readings

Crash Course Mongols: Create Your Own Worksheet!
Instead of me creating a worksheet of questions for you, you guys will get to create your own for yourselves! The basis for the worksheet will be the Crash Course video on the Mongols. As you watch the video, plan out questions for your worksheet.
On a piece of copy paper (you can print it or draw it by hand), create a worksheet with a title (cool fonts encouraged), clear directions, and a set of 6-8 questions. The questions must be mixed in terms of difficulty level. You must use the DOK Chart to help you vary the difficulty of the questions. The amount of recall questions (level 1) must be less than half of the questions. Label each question with its level (DOK 1/2/3/4) and then write your own answer underneath!

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