Lesson – The Mongols on Trial

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March 8, 2017 by mrcaseyhistory

Mongols in EgyptQuaestio: Why and how did the Mongols conquer? Did the Mongols have a positive or a negative impact on the lands they conquered?

General Mongols Resources:
Wait For It… The Mongols!: Crash Course World History
Here Come The Mongols
Kublai Khan and Marco Polo Biographies
Marco Polo Documents
The Golden Horde Reshapes Russia

Trial Resources:
Mongol Trial Overview and Preparation Handouts
Mongol Trial Witness Sources
Mongol Mock Trial Rubric
Mongol Trial Post Trial Handouts

Mongol Trial Roles:
Prosecution attorney 1: Valentina
Prosecution attorney 2: Klaudia
Defense attorney 1: Kirsten
Defense attorney 2: Julia
Genghis Khan: Wiktoria
Mongol general: Emma
Mongol woman: Katherine
Kublai Khan: Tahsin
Marco Polo: Tammy T
Pope Innocent IV: Rebekah
Prince of Kiev: JoJo
Russian peasant: Trisha
Chinese peasant: Natalie
Chinese Confucian scholar: Stephanie
Caliph of Baghdad: Richard
Mamluk general: Kushagra
Jury Member 1: Lubaba
Jury Member 2: Tammy C
Jury Member 3: Liliana

Homework Before:
Prepare for your positions, research everything you can, coordinate with your classmates, and be ready for trial on Monday in the Court Room!

Homework After:
Chapter 21 Half Done Notes
Chapter 21 Half Done Notes (Editable)

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