Lesson – Imperial Rome and the Pax Romana

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December 5, 2017 by mrcaseyhistory

colosseum1Quaestio: When did Rome become and empire? Should the Pax Romana be considered a time of peace?


Pax Romana Maps
Romanization of Gaul
The Good the Bad and the Empire

Homework Day 1:
Section 11.4 The Cosmopolitan Mediterranean

Homework Day 2:
The Good the Bad and the Empire
Complete this assignment on loose leaf, with half a page devoted to each emperor. For each emperor, list their positive and/or negative qualities (and label them either G or B for Good or Bad), which should be in bullet form, and then write a few sentences about whether or not the sources are trustworthy/biased/etc. Finally, indicate whether or not you think the emperor was overall good or bad.


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