AP Debates MP 3

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March 14, 2018 by mrcaseyhistory

Quaestio: How can we diversify our arguments and evidence to strengthen our debates?

PowerPoint: Introduction to Debate

Debate MP3 Class 101
Debate MP3 Class 102
Debate MP3 Class 103
Debate MP3 Class 104
Debate MP3 Class 105

Team Debate Rubric – Debater
Team Debate Rubric – Moderator
Team Debater Talking Points
Team Moderator Talking Points

Debate Make Up Assignment

Homework 3/14:
Toulmin Argumentation VBQ

Homework 3/22:
Italian Roots of the Renaissance

Homework 3/23:
Ming China and Zheng He

Homework 3/26:
The Hundred Years War and Feudalism
Hundred Years War Pages

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