APWH II Debates MP 2

November 14, 2018 by mrcaseyhistory

Quaestio: How are Parliamentary Debates different from Team Debates?

Parliamentary Debate Guidelines
Global Parliamentary Debater Talking Points
Global Judge Talking Points

Debate Unit 2 Class 201
Debate Unit 2 Class 202
Debate Unit 2 Class 204

Team Debate Rubric – Debater
Team Debate Rubric – Moderator

Debate Make Up Assignment

Prepare for DBQ Essay (Due Thursday 11/15)
Prepare for Debates (Due Monday 11/19)

Colonial Africa & Orientalism (Due Wednesday 11/21)

Chapter 32 Cornell Notes (Due Monday 11/26)
Cornell Notes Guidelines

Extra Credit:
Ireland in the Age of Imperialism (Due Friday 11/30)

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