Partition of India and Pakistan

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March 7, 2019 by mrcaseyhistory

Partition_of_Punjab_India_1947Quaestio: What problems resulted from the partition of India and Pakistan?

Selected Clips from My Family, Partition, and Me
Partition Migration DBQ
1971 Rapes- Bangladesh Cannot Hide History
Why Kashmir Means So Much To India and Pakistan

Homework Day 1:
EITHER 1971 Rapes- Bangladesh Cannot Hide History
OR Why Kashmir Means So Much To India and Pakistan

Questions for Bangladesh:

1.Why you think that rape is used as a weapon of war? Do you think it is simply a product of war, or is it being used intentionally as an attack?
2.How were Bangladeshi women treated in their society after the war? How are the children of rape treated? Was it always the same?
3.How do you think these events shape the future of relations between Bangladesh and Pakistan, as well as between individual Bangladeshi and Pakistani people?
4.Why do you think the stories of these mass rapes where minimized, hidden, or forgotten?
5.Do you think these events should be considered a genocide? Why or why not?

Questions for Kashmir:

1.How did partition lead to conflict in Kashmir?
2.Why was thisareaparticularlydifficulttoputineitherIndiaorPakistan?
3.Why didn’t they ever just hold a plebiscite (vote, like a referendum) to let the people of Kashmir decide to which country they should belong?
4.What recent conflicts have taken place between India and Pakistan over Kashmir?
5.How do recent conflicts (like last week) connect back to the issues of Partition?
Homework Day 2:
Palestine Israel Overview VBQ

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