Geographic Literacy

September 12, 2019 by mrcaseyhistory

Quaestio: Why is it important to be geographically literate?

PowerPoint: Geographic Literacy

Geographic Literacy Notes
World Map Challenge Maps
World Map Challenge List and Key

Homework Due Friday:
Paleolithic Peoples Homework Text
Paleolithic Peoples Organizer (First Five Sections Only)

Homework Due Monday:
As you read the article The Natufians and the Neolithic, use the Neolithic Revolution Questions and Flow Chart to clarify some vocal, answer all 5 easy questions, and on the back, with the flow chart, try your best to fill in as much as you can (IN PENCIL) based on the article, though it’s ok if you don’t get it all. As long as you do it AS YOU READ, and you give it your best shot, and you have at least half filled in of the flow chart, I wouldn’t take any points off. We will spend time in class working in groups and together as a class making sure we understand all the connections in the end.

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