Unit 3 Quiz Topics for Review

December 6, 2019 by mrcaseyhistory

Use this guide to review topics for the Quiz. All materials, including PowerPoints, readings, and worksheets can be found on my website, mrcaseyhistory.com. You can click on your class and skim through the lessons. However, I tried to link as many as I could right here for your convenience. I gave everyone a packet of Global Textbook summaries as a simple study resource. It’s not great for Persia but it’s pretty good for the rest. You can always find all those summaries on the Summaries page on my website. Don’t forget to refer to your own class notes as well, and your answers to the online homeworks, which you should be able to find in your email. You should ABSOLUTELY also check out my Instagram @globalkhan for past review in the story highlights (look for more than one with Unit 3 in the title) as well as additional review shared the day or two before the quiz.









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