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Welcome to the Digital Review Sheet for IA2! I hope this style, with the attached resources, will prove very helpful to you. You are required to answer all of the below questions, either on loose leaf or typed and printed. Be sure to include the regional headings for each section, followed by the numbers as shown here.

I tried to link as many resources as I could right here within the review sheet for your convenience. However, all materials, including PowerPoints, readings, and worksheets can be found on my website, mrcaseyhistory.com. You can click on your class and skim through the lessons.

I gave everyone a packet of Global Textbook summaries as a simple study resource. It’s not great for Persia but it’s pretty good for the rest. You can always find all those summaries on the Summaries page on my website. Don’t forget to refer to your own class notes as well, and your answers to the online homeworks, which you should be able to find in your email.

You should ABSOLUTELY also check out my Instagram @globalkhan for past review in the story highlights (look for more than one with Unit 3 and 4 in the title) as well as the LIVE IA REVEIW on Saturday at 3pm.



Class Materials:
Zarathustra and Zoroastrianism
Persia Perfect Biographies (Later Persian Empires)

Persia and Imperial Centralization

Crash Course: Persians and Greeks


  1. Why did Cyrus required the lands he conquered to pay tribute to him? What function did that serve? How did Darius develop it further with taxation? Persia and Imperial Centralization, Crash Course: Persians and Greeks
  2. How did the Achaemenid Persian Empire show tolerance to the peoples they conquered? Persia and Imperial Centralization, Crash Course: Persians and Greeks
  3. What were the main beliefs of Zoroastrianism? Why do you think some scholars argue that Zoroastrianism influenced Judaism, Christianity, and Islam? Zarathustra and Zoroastrianism
  4. How did Persian rulers use Zoroastrianism to consolidate and legitimize their rule? Persia and Imperial Centralization, Crash Course: Persians and Greeks, Persia Perfect Biographies



Class Materials:
Minoan Civilization
Greek Geography and Government
Athens and Sparta Readings and Questions
Poleis Race Sparta Poleis Race Athens
The Peloponnesian War
Golden Age of Athens Documents
Pericles and Aristotle on Government
Alexander of Macedon

Aegean Origins
Golden Age and Civil War in Greece
Legacy of Alexander

Crash Course: Persians and Greeks
Crash Course: Plato and Aristotle
Crash Course: Alexander the Great

Chapter 4: Ancient Greece (1750 B.C.–133 B.C.)


  1. Why did Alexander marry a Persian princess, and why did he encourage his Greek/Macedonian soldiers to marry Persian women? Legacy of Alexander, Crash Course: Alexander the Great
  2. What is Hellenization? How did Alexander culturally influence the lands he conquered? Why are the successor states called “Hellenistic”? Alexander of Macedon, Legacy of Alexander, Crash Course: Alexander the Great
  3. What happened to Alexander’s empire after his death? Alexander of Macedon, Legacy of Alexander, Crash Course: Alexander the Great

Class Materials:
Ashoka Comic Fill In The Blanks
Mauryan Empire
Dharmic Religions Flow Chart Part 1
Dharmic Religions Flow Chart Part 2
Comparing the Bhagavad Gita and the Buddha

Piety and Politics in Classical India

Crash Course: Buddha and Ashoka
Crash Course: India History of Science

Chapter 3: Ancient India and China (2600 B.C.–A.D. 550)


  1. What is patriarchy?
  2. How did the Caste System prevent people from moving up in social class? Dharmic Religions Flow Chart Part 1, Dharmic Religions Flow Chart Part 2
  3. What are the Four Noble Truths, and how do they represent the goals of Buddhism? Why was it important to reject material desires? Comparing the Bhagavad Gita and the Buddha
  4. In what ways did Hinduism adopt some of the ideas and philosophies of Buddhism? Comparing the Bhagavad Gita and the Buddha, Dharmic Religions Flow Chart Part 1, Dharmic Religions Flow Chart Part 2
  5. What does monastic mean? What does ascetic mean? What kind of life do monks and ascetics live? (see my instagram highlights for Unit 3 for detailed answer on this one!) Piety and Politics in Classical India
  6. Why did Buddhist monks refrain from marriage and sex? How was that linked to their beliefs about the Four Noble Truths? Piety and Politics in Classical India, Dharmic Religions Flow Chart Part 1, Dharmic Religions Flow Chart Part 2
  7. What were the Edicts of Ashoka? Why did Emperor Ashoka create them? What religious role did they serve? What political role did they serve? Ashoka Comic Fill In The Blanks, Mauryan Empire, Piety and Politics in Classical India
  8. What changes occurred in Hinduism during the Gupta Empire to help it become more popular? Piety and Politics in Classical India

Class Materials:
Strong Rulers Unite China
3-5 (Textbook Section for above)
Philosophical Foundations of Classical China Script
Qin and Han VS The Xiongnu
Silk Road Connections

Centralization of China
Silk Roads and the Steppe

Crash Course: Chinese History (Goes into good detail on Han Dynasty and Confucianism)
Crash Course: Silk Road

Chapter 3: Ancient India and China (2600 B.C.–A.D. 550)


  1. What does bureaucracy mean?
  2. How do the civil service exams introduced in the Han dynasty reflect the Confucian emphasis on learning and education? How did people get jobs in the Han government? How could education (in theory at least) enable any person to move up in social class? Philosophical Foundations of Classical China Script, Centralization of China, Crash Course: Chinese History
  3. Why was that helpful to the strength of the government in creating a centralized bureaucracy?  Philosophical Foundations of Classical China Script, Centralization of China, Crash Course: Chinese History



Class Materials:
Urban Legends (different from class version, has stories written out)
Defining the Republic
Problems in the Late Republic
Pax Romana Maps
Romanization of Gaul

The Founding of Rome
Imperialism and Empire

Crash Course: Roman Republic and Empire

Chapter 5: Ancient Rome and the Rise of Christianity (509 B.C.–A.D. 476)


  1. What role did the forum play in the city of Rome, as well as in other Roman cities? How was it connected to government, especially under the Republic? Defining the Republic
  2. What conflicts existed between the social classes in Ancient Rome? How did Imperialism both help the economy for the Empire in general, but still make life worse economically for the poor? Imperialism and Empire, Defining the Republic
  3. How did the Pax Romana lead to an increase in trade between different regions of the Roman Empire? Imperialism and Empire, Pax Romana Maps
  4. In what ways was Rome linked to the Silk Road trade? Crash Course: Silk Road, Silk Road Connections


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I hope to see you all in the Spring. I am very relieved to hear this news, but let’s remember why this is happening. This is not a vacation. Be safe y’all. I haven’t heard any details yet so don’t ask me anything beyond this for now. If I hear anything useful I’ll let you guys know. Not sure what kind of remote learning system they may try, but I’ll keep you in the loop. You guys are already ahead by being connected with me on here. You know I’m ready to get creative to keep you educated and historically minded. I’ll try my best to post on here regularly as well to share history for those who are motivated to continue learning. Let’s hope we are able to open safely again in April. We don’t know. It could be longer. Remember, the goal is to #FlattenTheCurve. Also remember that this move will carry with it a lot of difficulty. Remember to regularly check in on your family, friends, neighbors, and classmates (virtually of course). We are in this together. We need to support each other during this difficult time. Stay safe. Love you guys.
Roman Empire (Red) vs Mongol Empire (Blue): Size Comparison
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Globally, democracy is in decline. Only 22 countries were classified as full democracies. Our country was not one of them.
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