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  1. Lesson – The Enlightenment and the American Revolution

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    September 18, 2015 by mrcaseyhistory

    Quaestio: How revolutionary was the American Revolution? PowerPoint: The Enlightenment and the American Revolution Classwork: Enlightenment Thinkers Relatively Radical Voices The …
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  2. Lesson – Age of Absolutism

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    September 16, 2015 by mrcaseyhistory

    Quaestio: What positive and negative effects did absolute rule have in Europe and around the world? PowerPoint: Age of Absolutism Classwork: Absolute …
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  3. Venice and the Ottoman Empire – Crash Course World History

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    September 11, 2015 by mrcaseyhistory

    John Green discusses the strange and mutually beneficial relationship between a republic, the city-state of Venice, and an Empire, the Ottomans–and …
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  4. Lesson – European Colonialism

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    September 10, 2015 by mrcaseyhistory

    Quaestio: How did the discovery and exploitation of New World colonies alter global power dynamics? PowerPoint: European Colonialism Classwork: European Colonialism …
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  5. Lesson – Reintroduction to Global History

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    September 9, 2015 by mrcaseyhistory

    Quaestio: How and why do we study history? PowerPoint: Reintroduction to Global History Classwork: Global History II Syllabus Intro World Map …
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Use your critical thinking when people in power call for war. They will use every trick in the book to convince you that war is a good idea. They will say it’s necessary. They will demonize “the other”. They will straight up lie to you. They will call those who disagree traitors who disrespect the troops. They will insist that you agree in the name of patriotism. They might say it will be quick and easy and that the people there actually want us to do it. If you need an example, look back to what was said about going into Iraq. Remember the billions of tax dollars that will be lost. Remember the lives that will be destroyed. Remember our shared humanity.
Neville Chamberlain and Adolf Hitler: When our face-to-face intuition fails us... badly. @malcolmgladwell discusses his new book Talking To Strangers as it relates to History.
On #ThisDayInHistory December 27, 537, the first religious services were held in the newly built #HagiaSophia. Built under the reign of #Byzantine Emperor #Justinian, it was once the #GreekOrthodox Christian patriarchal cathedral, briefly a #RomanCatholic cathedral, later an #Ottoman imperial mosque, and now a museum (Ayasofya Müzesi) in #Istanbul, #Turkey, formerly known as #Constantinople. Built in AD 537 before the Middle Ages, it was famous in particular for its massive dome. It was the world's largest building and an engineering marvel of its time. It is considered the epitome of Byzantine architecture and is said to have "changed the history of #architecture". You can see both the #Christian mosaics and the #Islamic calligraphy decorating the interior. The four towers, called minarets, were added by the Ottomans for delivering the five-times-daily call to prayer.
#Aramaic, the language spoken by #Jesus of Nazareth, along with most of the rest of the Middle East from the Iron Age until the early Middle Ages, still survives in this tiny town in #Syria. This is how it sounds.
#FlashbackFriday to the last day of school 2018! Epic rap battle between MC Hammurabi & DivineIntervention. My lyrics are recycled bars from the previous year’s talent show. His are straight #off the dome.
This is how people receive your communication. Surprised?
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Why Socrates Hated Democracy from The School of Life. This is one person’s reflection on one philosopher’s reflection on democracy. It doesn’t mean you have to agree with it. But it’s worth hearing a new perspective on something we often don’t stop to consider.

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