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The Amazing History Grade Calculator

The “average” that you see on PupilPath during the middle of the marking period is NOT, I repeat, NOT an indication of what your actual average will look like when the marking period is over. Debates, which usually bring up the average a lot, often do not occur until near the end of the marking period. Essays and projects are also often late in the marking period. To get a sense of your average, you would need to calculate how future grades on those big assignments would impact your average.

That’s why I’ve created for you the Amazing History Grade Calculator, which will allow you to do just that! Here’s how it works.

You cannot edit this version of the calculator, but if you go to the file tab at the top, you can click “make a copy”, which will then give you your own, editable copy of this sheet. Once you have your own copy, you can fill in the categories below with either the averages you already know from the grades you have received or your guesses (or hopes) for what you will receive on assignments that have yet to be completed and graded. This will allow you to get a better sense of your average in the class.

Here’s what it looks like:

At the bottom of the sheet, you will see there are two tabs. The one you are currently on is called “Directions”, while the other is titled “Calculator”. Click on “Calculator” to see and, once you have made your own copy, use it!

Start by entering the averages/grades you already know. Then enter your best guesses of what future grades will be, or just play around, trying out different hypotheticals to see how it impacts your average. Enjoy!

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