Blank Map Directory – Useful for any map project, they have blank maps of many different regions of the world that you could crop further as necessary and use as the basis for your map outline.

Talisman’s Atlas – This guy creates his own high-quality world maps from all different time periods. They are highly accurate as well, with very specific indications of different groups and states in every region. If you need to find out who was where when, this is your source! I especially find it useful for checking the accuracy of other maps you might find through Google. – Incredible resource for making timelines, getting accurate info for maps, and just learning in general how the world changes over time! You can zoom out or in on space and time and get info as well!

Documents in World History – Collection of sample primary source documents from different periods of history around the world. You can use this as a way to get sense of the writing style of primary sources from a certain time period so that you can imitate it for your own “forged” primary source projects.

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