Final Reminder! First Debates Tomorrow!

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October 15, 2014 by mrcaseyhistory


I’m sure you are all very aware and very ready, but just as one last reminder, your debates are tomorrow! We will debate for two classes, Thursday and Friday, but I will pick groups to go at random, so everyone must be ready to go tomorrow. The only exception is my 5th period class which is small enough to do debates in one day. They will be debating on Friday only.

Make sure you practice tonight and are in full communication with group members. You will have NO TIME in class tomorrow to continue debate prep. While watching other groups debate, you will have a sheet you will have to fill out which will also be graded. Tonight is the last chance so get in that last bit of research (and don’t forget everything I posted on my site)!

All debaters and moderators MUST be in attendance. Do not miss class over the next two days unless it is absolutely necessary. Debates are worth 30% of the overall average. Missing debates will require completion of a more difficult written assignment and will also be harmful to your group members who will have to debate without you.

Your debate sheets must be fully complete for tomorrow because you will turn them in at the end of your debate, and of course you will need them for the debate itself. Be sure to read over the Rubrics and especially the Debate Guide sheet I gave out in class, which can help clarify the rubric. All sheets you may need can be found below.

Debate Sheets

Global Debate Guide


Debate Talking Points Debater

Debate Rubric Debater


Debate Talking Points Moderator

Debate Rubric Moderator

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